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The cannabis market offers a vast ocean of choices. It’s easy to get drowned in misinformation, making it difficult to know if a product is actually good for you. Fear not. High Seas is here to guide you, so that you can navigate these uncharted waters.


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At High Seas, we’re here to help you break down the barriers that might be standing in the way of your enjoyment of cannabis, whether for wellness or recreation. Our product specialists delve deeply into claims and benefits, enabling you to gain a more profound understanding of what you’re consuming.


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At our concept boutique, we’ve handpicked the market’s finest gems to offer you an upscale shopping experience. With you at the heart of our journey, we aim to provide an enriching cannabis experience for those who dare to explore below the surface.

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Cali Sober with Pamos

Long Island Iced Tea cocktail with the natural flavors of raspberry, lemon and brewed Oolong tea, infused with cannabis-derived terpenes of Pamo

Once upon a High Time

Readers will discover new tales that feel old and old tales that feel new—and throughout them all, the friendly, familiar, surprising presence of cannabis.

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High Seas is committed to protecting marine ecosystems from the perils of plastic by reducing waste and helping clean up our shorelines.

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